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Methow Valley Theater

Since 1978, Methow Valley Theater has been producing quality community theater.  In the old Twisp school house, now the Twisp Community Center, the theater continues to present opportunities to local folks to participate in the process of live theater, from acting or directing, to the technical aspects of light and sound.  Methow Valley Theater presents a wide variety of production choices to residents from around the county from  Pirates of Penzance to Angry Housewives. 

Methow Valley Theater is an all volunteer organization, and continues to pass down it's philosophy of simple, self sustaining theater, to those who wish to be a part of a safe and fun theatrical experience. All of our production costs are paid for from ticket sales only, with proceeds going to the next production.  Please visit Past Productions page to see fun archived footage. 

If you have never experienced the magic of theater from the other side of the curtain,  we urge you to consider it.  The affects could astound you.  Or... just come and watch.  

Or, perhaps you wish to remain in the audience while still helping out.  Methow Valley Theater is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  All contributions may be tax deductable.  We appreciate your generosity.

All the very best,

The Methow Valley Theater Board

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