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Behind the Curtain

The Methow Valley Theater had begun rehearsals for it's 2020 Spring Production of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Due to COVID19, we were unable to come to curtain. We are totally

Excited to announce it as this years spring

production.  You do NOT want to miss this

stellar cast.

Production dates are - 2023

April 28, 29, evenings at 6:30 April 30 matinee at 2:00

May 4,5,6, evenings at 6:30, May 7 matinee at 2:00

Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for youth at the door.  Family discounts are


Please call Nadine at 509-429-0454 or

Maggie at 509-847-8836 for more information.



Producer- Nadine Van Hees & Maggie Wicken

Stage Director - Nadine Van Hees &  Maggie Wicken

Music Director - Lynette Westendorf

If you are interested in helping with production, in any capacity, please call Nadine at 509-429-0454.  We could use you with:

Lights, Sets, Green Room, Children, Music, House,

Stage Crew, Publicity, painting, Food....

or anything else you might have a talent, or a desire to do!

You can pre-order your VIDEO now from KDK One Digital Media. Here is an example from our 2018 production of "Annie" of the quality you will receive.

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