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Do you have good organizational skills?  Do you enjoy working with people, and love a good challenge?  This is a wonderful position for the person who wants to work with every aspect of production on the front line.  A theatrical producer is the person ultimately responsible for overseeing all aspects of mounting a production. You help to establish the entire crew, and coordinate every aspect of the production.  Although the producer is responsible for hiring creative teams, this is generally done in consultation with the director. You will find sponsors or contributors, work with deadlines and keep the production crew centered and on task.  This position does not require rehearsal or production time, but being a self organizer and having good communication skills is extremely important.  You will call production meetings and see that all heads of departments are where they should be.

Stage Direction

We welcome anyone who is interested in directing a community theater production.  If you have no experience, it is best to assist the director first.  The director is responsible for every aspect of a production in terms of its artistic content.  You must be ready with the final decision for the set design, the musical and choreographic content, publicity, costumes, props and lighting.  It's a fun and gratifying job, but it does require commitment and desire.  This position requires many months of research and rehearsal time, as well as presence during production.
Music Direction

You do not have to be a pianist for this position, but it is helpful.  Since most of what MVT does are musicals, it is a huge part of our productions.  All of the aspects and stages of musical direction are in your court here.  You work closely with the stage director from auditions to final curtain to establish rehearsal schedules, research and understand the score, and are a part of the production from beginning to end.  You will coordinate with musicians and sound designer, and provide for accompaniment during rehearsals.

Stage Manager - Stage managers typically provide practical and organizational support to the director, actors, designers, stage crew and technicians throughout the production process.  It is a big role, but one that provides you with kowledge about every aspect of theater. You will need to attend most rehearsals.  During production your expertise and accumulated knowledge is valuable, and requires your presence.

Makeup - Experience in stage makeup is helpful, but not necessary.  It is fun to work with the cast and director during the production.  You need to plan on being there during tech week and production weekends, but not rehearsals.

Stage Crew - Our stage crew is limited, as we do not have flying set peices, nor do we have complicated sound or lighting changes.  But we always need back stage help during production for curtain, set change, and prop and costume assistance.


Set Design - This is a fabulous opportunity to utilize your visual creativity.  Working with the director and light designer, you create the very foundation of the visual experience for your audience.  This position requires planning and coordination with the director, the set builders and painters and set dressers.  This is pre-production and does not require attendance during the show.

Lighting - This can be one of the most important aspects of a production, depending on the complexity of the script.  This position requires interaction with director and set designer during the development of the set and during tech week and production, but not during early rehearsals.

Sound  -  This requires some knowledge regarding the technical aspects of using a sound board, speakers and microphones.  You are an integral and important part of the show during tech week and during the run of the show, whether for simple sound effects, or for complicated musicals.


Music -  We welcome all musicians.  Most musical productions include everything from piano to violin to cello, percussion and vocal back up.  Musicians are required to learn their parts, so personal practice prior to production is necessary.  Rehearsal with the cast typically begins during the final month, through tech week and then through the run of the show.


House Management - This person is responsible for lining up the necessary help during production for tickets, concessions and house decorations.  If you like to plan a party, this job is for you!

Publicity - Responsible for posters, playbills and ticket creation and distribution.  A ton of fun if you like to play on your computer graphic programs.


Costumes - Like to sew or just play with fabric?  You can do everything from create a costume design, to alter an existing pattern or piece of clothing to create fun and exciting costumes.  This is pre-production and runs through to the fitting of the cast.

Acting - Come one come all!!  No experience necessary.  If you've always been scared of the stage but have been dieing to give it a go, start with a small part and work your way up to principle.  Whatever your level of comfort, there is a part for you. 

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