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Making Dreams Come True

Methow Valley Theater is proud and excited to announce our 2023 spring production (see Current Productions for audition information)

In 1995, The Wizard of Oz took the Methow Valley by storm.  Under the direction of Theresa Miller, and with the help of "Methow Valley as a Classroom", the Methow Valley Community Center was filled with an amazing cast of all ages from our community. 

In April 2020, It would have been 25 years.  We decided it was time to bring this fabulous show back. We were just this close, and then... COVID.  Now, we are back on track for 2023!

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.34.34 PM.png

Production is scheduled for the last weekend in April, and first weekend in May.  Auditions will be held in November 2022.  Please see "current productions" for more information.

Looking Ahead...

If you are interested in helping with production, please give us a call.  Our directors are Nadine Van Hees, and Maggie Wicken.  We are looking for costume and set  builders,  stage manager, light design and technicians as well as a childrens director/assistant.  This will be a big show, and we will be looking for a lot of help.  There is a place just for you.  Call the  director at 509-429-0454

Although "The Sound Of Music" is currently touring, and is unavailable for production, it is at the top of our future plans, and in queue for license with the company.

Also, Tony and Tina's Wedding is a future production we are attempting to obtain rights for.  A hilarious interactive dinner theater, it is currently an on-going show in Las Vegas, and is difficult to acquire.  We're planning to keep on pushing..

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